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1050x Heart Shaped Bee Stickers for Kids, Party Favor Bags, Scrapbook, 1 inch


  • This single pack of Bee styled stickers contains 9 sheets with 120 stickers per sheet, forming a total of 1080 stickers. Each sticker measures 0.5 inches.
  • These stickers have a strong adhesive that makes it stick easily on to any surface with ease.
  • Ideal for a variety of uses including scrapbooking, DIY craft projects, kid's projects, gift card embellishment, and other uses
  • You can use these bright and colorful kids’ stickers as homework, test paper, gift stickers or decorate scrapbooks and bulletin boards.
  • Help your kids to show great performance in their work by encouraging them with these beautiful mini bee stickers.

Design your projects, scrapbook, and other arts and crafts projects with these insect design stickers. These Bee in heart-shaped stickers come with strong adhesive. You can put these bee stickers for kids on test papers, homework sheets, or bulletin boards and decorate them. These stickers are great classroom supplies.